Handmade Damascus Steel Sword

Sword symbolizes triumph over opponents and a display of strength from ancient times. The Damascus Steel sword are not only a classical piece of adornment, but also their functionality and durability with elegancy are precious.

Beautiful aesthetics and sleek shape with the flexible yet strong blades have durable, sharp edges. The superiority of the  sword is known among forged weapons from Damascus steel. The harder stainless steel with carbon steel core makes the  sword cruelly strong.

Classically Swords are heavy and brittle, yet these Swords are made with significantly strong steel. However, the shape and ergonomic comfort are the identities of the Damascus Swords.

The versatility of the  Sword is a pride of the weapon. The sword is sharp and swift enough to cut the falling silk and effortlessly split the stone into pieces. Legendary triumphed swords are available in versatile shapes, designs and lengths. The stunning layered and symmetrical patterns design gives it a legendary sophisticated appearance.

The pattern-welded adds the aesthetic look of the ancient swords. The appropriate maintenance of the sword can add years to the overall look and functions. Usually, swords made with heavy material often breaks at the edges and tips. Fortunately, our Swords are hard and can surpass wear and tear. Moreover, the built material demands the least maintenance.

You can define the Damascus Sword with the following characteristics;

  • Strength
  • Hardness
  • Flexibility
  • balance
  • Durability

Before opting for the suitable Sword, Explore versatile Damascus Steel Sword available with us.